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Theratog Suit

In neuromuscular conditions and movement disorders, such as cerebral palsy, sensory signals are often misinterpreted by the brain (like tangled wires), resulting in decreased body awareness, and difficulty performing coordinated movements. Interventions such as suit therapy, aim to address these challenges by providing more accurate proprioceptive input to the brain to help untangle the wires, and facilitate the brain’s ability to reorganize to have better body awareness.


Muscle Strength & Flexibility

The TheraTog suit is a flexible, dynamic wearable orthotic used to correct postural alignment and provide proprioceptive input to the body. The proprioceptive input enhances stability, refines movement skills, and fosters muscle stability. One of its key advantages lies in the ability to facilitate prolonged muscle stretch, aiding in the development and maintenance of flexibility. With the help of the TheraTog Suit during sessions, we are providing the body with lots of positive, helpful sensory stimulation to learn challenging skills like sitting, crawling and walking!

Benefits of the Theratog Suit

  • Retrains central nervous system
  • Provides external stabilization
  • Improves postural alignment
  • Tactile stimulation
  • Improves secondary balance and coordination
  • Decreases uncontrolled movement such as in ataxia or athetosis
  • Improves body and spatial awareness
  • Supports weak muscles

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