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Our intensive therapy program is our primary focus as we know it is where your child will see the greatest changes in the shortest amount of time. The intensive program consists of 2, 45 minute sessions daily, five days a week. We offer between 1 – 3 week intensives. Children often make more than 6 months worth of progress in our intensives. We look forward to speaking with you to individualize your intensive and discuss how we can help your child can reach their highest potential.

How do I book an intensive?

Please submit our contact form, and we will reach out to you within 24 hours to share more about our program, and learn if your child is a good fit.

Is there a rest break in between session 1 and session 2 each day?

Yes, there is the option to schedule as a morning session, and an afternoon session. We are happy to work with you to plan the schedule that works best for your child and family.

What does an intensive consist of?

Intensives are strongly based in DMI exercises, with use of modalities like whole body vibration, reflex integration, electrical stimulation. We encourage you to explore the treatments page to learn a little more about the modalities that we use during the intensive.

Is there a weight limit for DMI exercises?

Yes, in order to ensure safe practices, we enforce a weight limit of 30 lbs for certain DMI exercises.

Where do intensives take place?

Intensives are held in our clinic, at 10400 Eaton Place, Suite 211, Fairfax, VA.

Do I have to live locally to participate?

Nope! We frequently treat families from Northern Virginia, Maryland, Richmond, West Virginia, and beyond, who travel to Northern VA for the weeks of their intensive.

My baby experienced a birth injury and is experiencing developmental delays. How soon can my child begin DMI?

The sooner we can treat your child the sooner we can foster neuroplastic changes and avoid forming bad movement habits! Ideally DMI therapy would begin as young as 6 months old.

What is the ideal time to do an intensive?

We encourage taking part in a DMI intensive between 0- 3 years old, as the brain is most receptive to neuroplastic changes before the age of 3. 

What if my child doesn’t tolerate the intensive well?

That’s okay! We have lots of creative tricks up our sleeve to help tolerate therapy. We recommend bringing 1-2 favorite toys from home if they are motivating during therapy. We will be introducing your child to new and challenging exercises, and this often comes with big feelings, which is okay!

If I am traveling, where do I stay during my intensive?

Fairfax has many nearby hotels. There are many AirBnB options nearby as well. We are happy to provide some recommendations, should you be researching local stays.

Is it safe for my child with seizures, low vision, or a G-tube to participate in DMI?

Yes. Seizures, G-tubes, tracheostomies, and low vision are not contraindications to participation, but we will want to know about each of these so we can take proper precautions to ensure your child’s safety during therapy.


For more information about booking therapy sessions for your child, contact Dr. Sunny!